You want the engines and motors in your vehicles and machinery to last for as long as possible. However, the fuel that you use in them can compromise their function. It can cause you to have to repair them sooner than you would prefer. To ensure their longevity and usefulness, you can switch to using ethanol-free gas that you get from a reputable provider.

1. Better Mileage

One of the main advantages that ethanol-free gas can offer to you involves better mileage. It is capable of increasing the mileage that you get out of your car by as much as three percent. This percentage might seem modest at first. However, when you drive significant distances or must travel on a budget, three percent can add up to substantial savings. When you get your fuel from a qualified provider, you spend less money in the long run on fuel. You can drive longer without having to fill up your gas tank.

2. Better Engine Protection

Fuel with ethanol in it can be detrimental to your car, especially if you are driving an older model. However, ethanol-free gas has been proven to be easier on engine components like rubber seals. It creates less vapor pressure, which in turn leads to less of a risk of vapor lock in critical parts like the carburetor. Ethanol-free fuel also attracts less water than traditional car fuel. As a result of less water being attracted to the engine, there is less risk of damages caused by rusting. Your engine parts can last longer and avoid rusting out when you use gas without ethanol in it.

3. Better Longevity

With proper storage, ethanol-free gas can last for as long as six months. If you store it for use in outdoor equipment like your lawnmower, you can keep it safely contained for months without it evaporating or oxidizing. Gas with ethanol in it only lasts for a matter of weeks before it succumbs to these risks.

Finally, the fuel that you get from an ethanol-free gas provider is better to use in outdoor equipment like lawnmowers and tree trimmers. It causes less corrosion and overheating in these machines' motors. These advantages can convince you to make the switch to ethanol-free gas. You get better mileage out of your vehicles and also can store this type of fuel safely.

You can learn more about your options by contacting local providers.