Did you know you can make money off of scrapping old metal you no longer want? You can take not just cars but other junk and scrap-worthy items as well to your local junkyard and make a decent profit. You can scrap almost anything, and if you take enough scrap items to your local junkyard, the profit can be fairly impressive.

What can you scrap at a junkyard besides old cars? You'd be surprised at the items you can scrap and make some cash off of. When you scrap metal, you come out ahead in many cases. Here are some things you can scrap at your local junkyard besides cars.


Many older appliances or appliances that have broken can be scrapped for cash at your local junkyard. If you have an old microwave, refrigerator, stove, or other appliance at your home that you no longer want or need, you can have these items scrapped for a nice profit. Check your garage, your shed, and other areas of your house to locate scrap-worthy items that you can take into your local junkyard to make some money off of.

Keep in mind that any appliance that has copper, such as a washing machine, a refrigerator, or another appliance with copper fittings, can be scrapped easily and for an even stronger profit. You can even have your appliances picked up by your local junkyard specialist for a small fee.

Housing Material

Housing material, such as old aluminum window frames, corrugated metal, and other housing materials, can be scrapped for profit. You can take in these materials from your recent home renovation or sale or ask around at local housing developments to gather up a lot of metal for your scrapping needs. Your scrapyard specialist will help you separate the metals so you can tell what metals are worth more and which ones are going to require larger amounts to be of serious value.

Each type of metal when it comes to scrapping has its own value amount. For example, steel and aluminum are each worth a different amount, and copper carries its own great value as well. The amount of money you ultimately get for your scrap is based on the weight and quality of the metal you bring in.

Your scrapyard will take metal as long as it's separated from plastic and glass components. When you have more than vehicles to scrap, you can still make money. Gather all your metal materials and head to your local junkyard, such as TNT Auto Salvage, to see how much cash you can get.